Ksenia Belash
Organic Photographic Journeys

Your wholeness seen through the eyes of love

Ksenia Belash
Holistic photographer, therapist, embodied healing guide, playful human

Based in Ericeira, working across Portugal.
Hello and a very warm welcome to my organic photography play temple!

I am Ksenia, a holistic photographer, integrative psychotherapist and body-mind healing guide, now based in Ericeira, Portugal.

Over 15+ years of practice, I have realised that photography is so much more than an act of taking beautiful pictures. It is a very special soulful, often transformative journey that we embark on together, hand-in-hand.

It is also a playful, sometimes vulnerable yet always powerful ritual of unapologetically stating to oneself and the world:

I exist. I am. Here is what I am about. I am ready to be seen in my true expression.

I call myself a holistic photographer because I deeply care about wholeness and each person as a being with a unique story to tell. In my photography play temples, I create an intimate, organic and nurturing space where the person's soul can come through and be witnessed in its essence.

I specialise in working with facilitators, spaceholders, embodiment practitioners, creatives and artists, as well people on the path of healing and self-exploration.
In a photography play temple, there are no mistakes. No misplaced moves, no unwanted feeling states or expressions, nothing too little or too much. No rigid poses to hold or strict instructions to follow.

Instead, there is plenty of space to feel into your intention, breathe, move, explore, play, express and be you. Perhaps many different versions and aspects of you!

Dreamy, sensitive and bold, ready to take on the world, cheeky and contemplative, grieving and celebrating, sweet and bad-ass, seductive and shy…The list of what your authenticity might reveal itself to be in any holistic photography session is endless.

This is what makes the process into an exciting adventure. And results in - what I believe - are the best pictures. Images that breathe, touch and move the viewer, across time and space.

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Pricing Plans
Holistic Photography Session
350 euro
It starts with an exploration / vision call, where we connect, feel into the vision and intention of your photography play temple and clarify the logistics. On the day, we spend 2-3 hours together at the location of your choice. Within 2 weeks, you'll receive colour edited pictures via a file hosting service (100+ high res digital images).

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Holistic Photography Session + Integration Call
400 euro
This option includes a 60-minutes integration call after the session. This is a space for you to reflect upon the experience and process any feelings that have come up during the photography process or at the stage of connecting with the images. This is also an an opportunity to integrate more of the shadow aspects that might have come up in the play temple.
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Cycle of Becoming - Holistic Photography Annual Package
1111 euro
This is a special deepening container consisting of 4 holistic photography sessions and 4 integration calls taken over the course of a year, created with an intention to support and reflect your unique cycle of growing and becoming.
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If you are struggling financially, but would love to work with me, please get in touch - we will figure something out.
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By e-mail: belash.ksenia@gmail.com
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